Conversion Testing: Websites & Landing Pages

Clixo’s Custom Testing services provide you complete test design, full implementation, and guaranteed improvement to your conversion rate.

Whether you have an in-house design team, a trusted website vendor, or you are looking to Clixo for complete landing page design and development, our custom testing services offer you the flexibility you want with the real results you demand. We are with you every step of the way.

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How Custom Testing Works and What You Receive

    • One of Clixo’s conversion rate optimization experts will conduct a one to two hour discovery meeting with your team (by phone) to discuss your conversion goals, problem areas, traffic sources, and target customers.
    • After we complete the discovery meeting, well analyze your website, analytics, and any other relevant reports or information you may have.
    • Depending on scope, our team will conduct additional discovery which may involve customer interviews, customer service/sales staff interviews, live user testing, or the use of other investigative techniques to uncover customer motivation and key opportunities for increasing your website conversion rates.
    • Using the information uncovered during our discovery process we will develop a test protocol and specific, written recommendations including grey scale wireframes, persuasive copywriting suggestions, and design direction.
    • We will schedule a one hour web presentation during which we will present our recommendations to your team.
    • We offer optional design services to implement recommended landing pages / changes. If your in-house team or outside vendor will be completing design and development Clixo will provide implementation reviews as necessary to ensure our recommendations are implemented correctly.
    • We will set up the test using marketing leading testing software. We can also implement the test using your in-house testing software.
    • We will set up and test of any other tracking technology (such as tracking phone numbers).
    • We will launch, test, and provide final analysis of test results and recommendations for additional testing.
    • 10% Lift Guarantee: All custom testing is guaranteed to produce at least a 10% lift in the target conversion rate in a head to head a/b test or we will continue testing at no additional charge. Contact us for full details.

Turnaround Time: Depends on Scope

Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, tests are usually implemented approximately 3 – 6 weeks from the completion of the first discovery meeting.

Test duration depends on your traffic levels and may reach statistical significance in as little as a few days or take up to a month or more.


Fees for custom testing depend on a variety of factors including whether or not Clixo is providing design services. Testing fees start at $10,000.

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